Combo Clam-P

4 Inch 

8 Inch

The Combo Clam-P is a component of the 516 PRO SERIES, but it's roots come from the 4 inch Clam-P from the Single Bolt Model.  


The Combo Clam-P allows for 4 foot anchoring, which reduces the overall penetrations on a residential roof and reduces the overall weight of the complete solar system.  

The Combo Clam-P also helps level the panels for a cleaner appearance.


The Combo Clam-P also bonds the panels, allowing the need for only ONE (1) grounding lug for the whole array. By reducing the need for copper grounding wire, and grounding lugs, you save time and money.


Less penetrations=Less work

Less work=Faster installs

Less material=More savings 


Combo Clam-P Beast

4 Inch 

8 Inch

The Combo Clam-P Beast is the newest addition to the Solar Clam-P line of high quality solar components.


Coming in at 8 inches long and weighing 1.79 lbs, it is also the largest component in the Solar Clam-P product line.  The Beast bonds and support four (4) solar module frames, allowing the installer to span six (6) feet between anchor points.  The Beast reduces installation time, material costs, and penetrations into the roof.  Even at 6 foot anchoring, the Beast secures the solar module so well, each module feels like it has 4 anchor points.  It truly is a Beast.


4 inch Combo Clam-P.......................4' OC Anchoring

Combo Clam-P Beast 8 inch..........6' OC Anchoring  



Less penetrations=Less work

Less work=Faster installs

Faster installs=More savings 





-Bonds and supports 4 solar modules

-Anchoring point span 6 feet OC

-Reduces material and labor time

-Heavy Duty one piece construction for any climate

-Faster installtion time

-Optional snap-on skirt 

-Custom color options

-Comes Fully Assembled ready to install

-Spring loaded for faster installs (optional)