The A-Beam, which stands for Adjusta-Beam, is the most advanced mounting bracket in the world. The A-Beam is the 4th generation mounting bracket and is a hybrid of the original Single Bolt, and Double Bolt platform, but has evolved to become the new flagship of Solar Clam-P.
With such a small and compact design, it is loaded with functionality.
-On the fly leveling using a drill
-Secures Solar Clam-P Slip & Slide flashing
-Supports and bonds 2 solar modules
-Integrated grooves for Snap-Skirt array cap
-J-Box mounting plate 
-Slotted mounting hole for adjustment
-Custom color options
-Ideal for vertical panel mounts
-Structurally the strongest bracket in the industry
Leveling an entire array can be leveled without any string and in minutes!
Simplicity + Speed = Savings

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Philadelphia, PA

Made in USA

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Solar Clam-P's products are proprietary and are protected under US Patents 9,175,880, and 9,175,704.