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About Us

Solar Clam-P

Solar Clam-P mounting systems, is a manufacturer of high-quality solar panel mounting hardware.  Our mission is to make installing solar panels as simple as possible, while still being able to accommodate every aspect of the solar installation, at the lowest possible price.  


With deep roots in mechanical engineering going back to the days of Watkins Johnson, Solar Clam-P was the first non-rail (non-integrated) solar panel mounting system in the world.  Solar Clam-P strives to manufacture unique and simplistic products, such as the Single Bolt, 516 PRO SERIES, and the Mi Clam-P.  All of Solar Clam-P's components are truly unique, but one component that separates Solar Clam-P from every other mounting system is the Mi Clam-P.

The Mi Clam-P is the only universal microinverter mount in the industry, that allows the installer to mount any microinverter anywhere on the panel.  Another achievement is the 516 PRO SERIES I-Beam mount, which is one-piece mounting hardware, with integrated bonding screws, eliminating the need for WEEB clips.  

With the full complete residential product line, Solar Clam-P is the pioneer when it comes to non-frame integrated, non-rail solar panel mounting systems.

How it all Started

In 2010 it all began in Obama's workforce development program with one student's question. How do you remove the middle panel?

With solar systems lasting over 25 years, it's hard to determine what will happen tomorrow, let alone in the next quarter-century. In order for solar systems to be maintained efficiently from a contractor's standpoint and for the homeowner, there had to be a better mounting system.

In 2011 Solar Clam-P was formed and began a mission to provide a mounting system that was designed for the contractor and the do it yourself. A mounting system that can easily install one panel, a whole array, and remove any panel in less than 30 seconds. In 2012 Solar Clam-P launched the world's first universal microinverter mount, the world's first universal expandable single panel mounting kit, and the Solar Clam-P residential mounting system.  With new products such as the J-Box Mounting Plate and the 516 Pro Series, Solar Clam-P is excited about a bright future.

Solar Clam-P mounting systems, born in Philadelphia and Made in the USA.  One panel and beyond.

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