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Solar Clam-P


Solar commercial install using O Clam-P

The all-new O Clam-P is a new addition to the Solar Clam-P line of high-quality products.  Just like all the other Solar Clam-P products, it follows in the footsteps of the "3-S" rule.

Solar Clam-P A-Beam

The A-Beam, which stands for Adjusta-Beam, is the most advanced mounting bracket in the world. The A-Beam is the 4th generation mounting bracket and is a hybrid of the original Single Bolt, and Double Bolt platform, but has evolved to become the new flagship of Solar Clam-P.

Solar Clam-P Slip and Slide Flashing

The Slip & Slide Flashing from Solar Clam-P follows suit with the Solar Clam-P system.  


Simplicity + Speed = Savings.

Beast Combo Clam-P Series

The Combo Clam-P is a component of the 516 PRO SERIES, but its roots come from the 4-inch Clam-P from the Single Bolt Model.  


The Snap-Skirt is a simple skirt that snap's into the A-Beam and Beast, that provides a simple cap to any solar array. Structurally strong in strength, and with a variety of color options, the Snap-Skirt can be installed onto any existing solar array.

J-Box Mounting Plate

J-Box Plate

The J-Box mounting plate securely mounts most junction boxes without making any penetrations into the roof. The J-Box plate is mounted directly onto the A-Beam mounting bracket.

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