It's not just a mounting system...It's a Miracle!

Solar gave me a chance...Solar Clam-P gave me life.


When I first started in this game, I was disadvantaged in every aspect.  I had no job, no money, no credit, no family, health issues and our house was in foreclosure.  

I had nothing.

I didn't even have a bed.


Life had taken EVERYTHING from me.  To the truest sense of the word.


This wasn't a life most men could live through, or want to.

I shouldn't even be alive today.


When I look back at how I started in this solar game, and remember all the adversities and obstacles I had to overcome to get to where I am now.  I have no other word to describe it, other than a miracle.


How else do you describe a guy from Philadelphia, who never installed a solar panel, with no college degree, develops a patented, UL2703 Listed, complete solar panel mounting system?  It's a miracle.


I literally had to fight for everything that I have.

Life gave me it's best shot, and I thank God I'm still alive.


So, is Solar Clam-P really a miracle?

Hell yeah.